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/ Interview – Ten Minute Detour
By The Riz on May 9, 2018

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Recently I had the opportunity to listen to Ten Minute Detour ’s sophomore album Aerosoles East Wing O0CMxps6
and ask lead man, Andrew Shier about the band, their recording process, their musical influences, the new album, and many numerical, and space, based questions. Dig in!

Ten Minute Detour

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions today!

Congratulations on the newest release! Common Pleasure is a sonically rich record!

Reflecting on the hundreds of shows you have played over the last few years, as you make your way to perform for 2018’s Canadian Music Week at the Junction City Music Hall on May 09 th , what stands out as a favourite performance or tour highlight?

I think one of the coolest shows for us was playing the Coke Stage at the Calgary Stampede. It was one of our first outdoor shows, in our hometown, so it was a much different vibe than playing in a club. It was also a blistering 35 degrees and sunny – I never realized how hard it is to see the lights on your pedal board when the sun is shining. Live and learn I guess.

The new album Common Pleasure is wonderfully recorded and produced, with clear distinct levels, and creative tone choices, between the vocals, instruments and percussion. What was it like working with producer Lincoln Parish (formerly of Cage the Elephant) and recording in historic music city Nashville?

Lincoln has a very calming presence, in that he trusts us as musicians to play the songs and he doesn’t get too picky about arrangement or tones. When he hears something he wants to change, he’ll bring it up but ultimately the decision is up to the room. His whole thing is capturing the energy in the room first, then we can discuss icing the cake afterwards.

Nashville has been awesome to us, so much so that one of the songs on our album, ‘Nashville Geographic’, is about our trip down to meet Lincoln a year prior. It’s a very welcoming city, not too big, but still, this awesome energy to it, being so entrenched historically in music. We were also lucky enough to stay in this log cabin in the woods just outside of the city, so we were able to unwind after every session and leave everything in the studio.

What was the inspiration behind the title of the album Common Pleasure ?

We were looking for album names that capture the album as a whole and weren’t getting anywhere. So we looked at lyrics and one of the lines in ‘Taste’ is “This is the age of common pleasure”. That stood out as a name, and I think it speaks to the album and its accessibility. There are some heavier songs in ‘Poli Shore’ and ‘One for you, One for me’, a southern rock style ballad in ‘McNally’s’, a sort of retro vibe in ‘Betty’. There’s really something for everyone.

A prevailing theory now claims that the female orgasm is not a side effect, but a leftover. That theory goes something like this: Intercourse used to trigger hormones that not only led to orgasm, but also ovulation, meaning it once may have actually played an important role in reproduction, but that some members of the species might have lost the ability to do from intercourse. (Thus the explanation for the fact that only 18 percent of women today can orgasm from penetrative sex.)

But since most women don’t have orgasms during intercourse these days, much less at the same time a man is ejaculating, this doesn’t really explain it. What’s more, there’s an orgasm gap in general to prove men don’t get women off as often as they get to blow their load.

So you’d think we’d all conclude that there would be nothing more efficient and pragmatic and correct for women to go to town to give themselves the only orgasms they are likely to get. But thanks to stuffy Victorian ideals about female nature, we somehow got the idea that women didn’t naturally feel any real sexual desire at all. Those who did were abnormal . Those women were sent to doctors for pelvic massage to relieve their hysteria. Dildos Ariat Contender H2O Steel Toe rqrrm
in Ancient Greece and Egypt, but we don’t get a vibrator until the 1900s, when those pelvic masseuses realize that the job could be a lot easier.

All this is why it’s taken women so long to embrace and proudly proclaim their own sexual desire that exists only for them and not for others. The recent short film, Yes, God, Yes , from Obvious Child director Karen Maine, took this on to brilliant effect, showing that teen girls are in fact, horny and curious about sex. And what’s more, this happens to them long before pairing up with a sexual partner. Which can only mean one thing: masturbation. But it’s not just embracing desire that matters. It’s their right to an orgasm at all, and especially their right to give it to themselves and not depend on a partner to provide it (or worse, go without). In contrast, men don’t seem to have the same hangups about checking a stroke session off their to-do list.

Numerous forums and websites address the question, sometimes from men, of why certain women don’t masturbate . They are often told that the woman probably just isn’t admitting it . But the reasons for not admitting it are coincidentally the same reasons some women say they don’t actually do it — shame, lack of interest, embarrassment, or not knowing how.

Still, we should continue to promote masturbation as good and healthy, and also take these women at their word. Some women do masturbate. Some women don’t. Women who really don’t, and really don’t want to, and “ have enough sexual outlets ,” or are otherwise satisfied with their sexual interest, don’t need to. They shouldn’t be ashamed of that, or feel as if they’ve missed the liberation boat that leads to only one place: Jerk-Off City.

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