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Late Monday evening, the row came to an end, with the two parties coming to a "clear agreement" on how to handle the topic of migration.

Horst Seehofer, interior minister and the head of a political party long allied to Chancellor Angela Merkel's, threatened to resign on Sunday. But, on Monday evening, he backed down saying he would keep his post now that he had made a deal with the chancellor on how to handle asylum-seekers arriving in Germany from the Austrian border.

Speaking to reporters, the chancellor said they had found a good compromise after "a hard struggle."

On Sunday night, Seehofer said Merkel’s EU-wide plan, hashed out in a meeting of European leaders last week, was as in his words, “insufficient.” The two-day summit in Brussels resulted in leaders agreeing on measures that would make it more difficult for migrants to reach the European Union.

Merkel and Seehofer, whose Christian Social Union party is based in Bavaria, have sparred over migration policy since 2015. The latest feud was seen by many as an attempt to strong-arm the chancellor into a stricter asylum policy.

The new agreement promises "transit centers" on the German-Austrian border, where asylum-seekers who have previously registered in other EU countries will be sent back to those countries.

The recent flare-up came even as the number of asylum-seekers coming to Europe has dipped to pre-2015 levels, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

At the same time, however, Bavaria's state elections in October are on the horizon and will come after Seehofer's party lost votes to a more hard-line party against immigration , the anti-Islam Alternative for Germany, in last year’s federal elections.

Seehofer's “master plan” on migration centered around refusing entry to asylum-seekers who have previously registered in other EU countries, a move that his party likely hoped would win back supporters who turned to the Alternative for Germany. The "transit centers" introduced in the new agreement can be seen as a compromise.

(MORE: Merkel works to save the EU and her career during high-stakes migration meeting)
(MORE: German Chancellor Merkel re-elected amid weaker Germany-US relations)

This debate between the sister parties in Germany’s ruling coalition had been boiling for weeks. Seehofer gave the chancellor until Sunday night to come up with a restrictive migration policy that pleased his party. If his terms weren’t met, he threatened to close the Bavarian border, a move he could enact as interior minister, although it would likely give the chancellor the right to dismiss him from his post.

Leaders and lawmakers in Merkel's party, the Christian Democratic Union, on Monday afternoon stressed the importance of maintaining the seven-year conservative alliance between their party and Seehoefer's.

We could also make those wages go further by increasing the earned income tax credit (EITC) and child tax credit, which together account for only about 2 percent of total federal outlays. 43 Research demonstrates that such strategies are effective: for children living in the lowest-income households, increasing their parents’ incomes to above the federal poverty line during their first formative years had lasting educational and other benefits (Duncan, Magnuson, and Votruba-Drzal 2014).

Raising incomes for middle– and low–social class families is key to ensuring that children do not grow up in poverty, and that today’s children become less poor. (Of course, federal budgetary and monetary policies that boost employment are also part of the solution.) At the same time, we must protect families that fall on hard times, so that parents can still provide what their children need. As extensive studies have shown, federal “social safety net” policies such as unemployment insurance, food stamps, and cash assistance are a critical supplement for parents who are out of work or earning chronically low wages. These programs help ensure that children do not suffer the effects of poverty (Trisi 2014; Steinberg 2014).

Closing education gaps also calls for policies that address other structural factors that influence a child’s odds of growing up poor. For example, children who are poor are disproportionately growing up in single-parent households—and black kindergartners are three times as likely to live in such households as are white kindergartners. While the factors that contribute to living with fewer than two parents are many, research has shown that boosting low-income workers’ wages will bring many men who are currently not eligible or able to marry into the eligible pool (Carbone and Cahn 2014). And since a high proportion of young, poor, black men are excluded from that pool because they are in prison or the correctional system, policies that ultimately could help close education gaps could also include reforming correctional systems (Gudrais 2013; The Sentencing Project 2013). 44

Immigration reform discussions are also relevant to school improvement efforts. Virtually half of the low-SES children in the study are from an immigrant background (49.8 percent), compared with 26 percent of all kindergartners who are immigrants. Hispanic children growing up in immigrant households may face additional barriers to success. Lack of legal status severely limits the work options and incomes of their parents, and the stability of many of their families. Given the impact of these factors on children’s well-being, immigration policies that limit the access that these children and their families have to basic supports merit close scrutiny.

Finally, we must address societal and structural biases that compound the effects of poverty on children of color. Poverty-related disadvantages work at multiple levels: at the individual level (as documented in the study), at the neighborhood and school levels (Garcíaand Weiss 2014; Wilson 1987), and at the state level (Carnoy et al. 2015). One of the major socioeconomic inequities that must be addressed is school funding disparities at the school, district, and state levels.

Mr. Suckling, who never married and did not have children of his own, was born in Wheeling, W.Va., and has one sister who lives in Connecticut.

His father, an executive with Westinghouse Electric and Standard Steel Spring, died when Mr. Suckling was a boy; his mother was a homemaker.

He attended boarding school, Penn State University and the University of Arizona, and during WWII, served in the U.S. Army Ordnance in the Pacific.

At a party In 1986, he met Betty Hallett, a Michigan widow visiting a friend in Pittsburgh.The two hit it off and remained companions who traveled together and spent time with Ms. Hallett’s sons and grandchildren until her death in 2002.

Even after she died, her sons stayed in touch with Mr. Suckling.

“He had become part of our family,” said Barbara Hallett of Pleasant Lake, Mich., a daughter-in-law of Betty Hallett.

“We knew he had some money but we never knew the extent,” she said. “He always wanted to pay when we went out but we didn’t allow that. One of his favorite things was getting White Castle hamburgers. But most of the time we cooked dinner for him because he loved home-cooked meals like scallops on the grill.”

She recalled him talking about history — especially World War II — and playing cards and Legos with her children.

He mowed his own lawn and liked attending to the trees and bushes at Betty Hallett’s home in Florida, said Barbara Hallett.

Thom Hallett of Tavernier, Fla., recalled visiting Mr. Suckling after his mother died.They went to Sheila's Diner in Baden, Beaver County, a spot where Mr. Suckling frequently went for breakfast and ordered chipped beef on toast.

“He delighted in the waitresses knowing him there,” said Mr. Hallett.

Mr. Suckling also liked to hunt and belonged to the Edgeworth Club and the Elks Club of Coraopolis.

For the last several years of his life, he resided at an independent living facility for seniors. Just prior to his death, he “had signed up for power-scooter lessons so he could get around,” said Barbara Hallett.

After he died, some acquaintances questioned why Mr. Suckling hadn’t left all of his money to friends and family, she said.“We always encouraged him to leave his money to the foundation,” she said.

“He was so proud of that fund in his parents name. I’m really glad that’s where he left it.”

CORRECTION : A previous version of this article contained a misspelling inU.S. Army Ordnance.


Joyce Gannon: [email protected] or 412-263-1580.

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Catherine Markosky 5 months ago
beautiful is a giving heart!
Reply to Catherine Markosky
Luke Sardello 5 months ago
Bit of advice. Don't let nobodies who will contribute nothing to society upset you with their "edgy" opinions.
(1 Replies)
Reply to Luke Sardello
Robert Steffes 5 months ago
@Luke Sardello Wise advice, Luke! Was just fuming about some of the baffling comments below on this remarkable and inspiring story. Better to focus on the grace and generosity of this good man who has left a remarkable gift to his community.
Reply to Robert Steffes
Tom Schaefer 5 months ago
In this era of conspicuousness, pretense, and greed, it is wonderful to see a person who lived in perspective and died in grace, leaving a wonderful legacy.
(4 Replies)
Reply to Tom Schaefer
M B 5 months ago
@Tom Schaefer so people are greedy if they don't give all of their money away? the people who buy luxury goods also employ people
Reply to M B
Fran Bertonaschi 5 months ago
@M B Is that what he said? No, you just had to turn his comment on its head and try to make it seem like an attack on someone.
Reply to Fran Bertonaschi
M B 5 months ago
@Fran Bertonaschi Charity can be quite bad; it teaches people to not be self sufficient. It allows organizations to be wasteful. It employs people on make work foundation jobs. Money given but not earned takes away more than it provides.
Reply to M B
Fran Bertonaschi 5 months ago
@M B He should have put all of his money in a pile and set it on fire, then. Would that have satisfied you?
Reply to Fran Bertonaschi
leslie michael 5 months ago
What a thoughtful gift!
Reply to leslie michael
kermit Lynderson 5 months ago
Max: If he is a republican are you going to return the money?
Reply to kermit Lynderson
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Raymond Suckling died in 2014, leaving a $37 million gift to the Pittsburgh Foundation. (Pittsburgh Foundation)
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